Diễn Viên Zara Du Rose

Zara Du Rose

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Sweet and beautiful like her namesake, event organizer and model Zara DuRose is a sexy, flame-haired Brit from Hertfordshire in the UK. The natural redhead is talented when it cums to using her mouth. Not only is she great at giving blowjobs, but she can actually tie a cherry stalk into a knot with her tongue! Since kickstarting her porn career back in 2012, Zara has featured in several prominent UK magazines, as well as appearing on European fetish websites. The busty babe often dresses up as a dominatrix and loves showing off her perfect curves in latex and skimpy lingerie; in fact, Zara’s growing fanbase and notoriety in the world of BDSM and other similar genres earned her the DDF Award for Fetish Model of the Year in 2016. Watch this big-boobed nympho in action by checking out her sizzling scenes below!

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